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How to assist with this project
The purpose of "Run With Me" is to aid runners in getting more enjoyment and better fitness results, by finding partners who share their interest. I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences as real-life examples of how to find running buddies. Submitted items will appear on this site and in a future edition of the book.

Stories, anecdotes or lessons learned are invited from anyone from novice runners to experienced marathoners and elite athletes. You may submit anywhere from a few lines of text to several paragraphs on any of the following topics.
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Suggested topics include:                 Order Book Now!  

  • Best ways to find participants
  • Initial steps to start group
  • Why I joined a club/group
  • What's special or unique about my group
  • what keeps the club thriving
  • How to get free publicity / press coverage
  • How to welcome new members or make novices feel welcome
  • Most effective club leadership (one person/team/assignments)
  • Recommended (successful) group activities
  • Formal vs. informal structure: how organized are you?
  • Add life to a group which is stagnant or not growing
  • Humorous story pertaining to group

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"Run With Me" Book cover

Find jogging, running or racing partners

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Find joggers, runners, racing buddies.

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Most importantly, you can feel the satisfaction of helping others!

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