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Run With Me:  Updates & More Ideas

To complement the book, this page includes additional information and ideas for you to consider to grow your club or make it even better. Find even more members for your group because MORE MEMBERS = MORE FUN

Improving Your Club - emailed to book purchasers March 2010
This message is going to all who have purchased my "Run With Me" eBook. Spring is almost here! I'm training for a marathon in Nashville, but my darn achilles tendon is a bit sore. I hope you're having success finding running partners or improving your club. I recently became President of Pike Creek Valley Running Club.
Maybe you'd be interested in seeing the short speech I gave at our awards banquet.

Some suggestions for you to consider...
Build or improve (or hire me?) a website for your club or even informal group such as my One of the site's goals is to inspire people to run or find any fun way to increase your fitness.

Start a FaceBook Group or Page such as this one I started recently.

Attract members by adding your club or group to my Running My Races directory site. If you hold a racing event, go ahead and add that as well. Even post your personal runner profile!

Get involved in the community! The Rebel Runners get free publicity as participants in Delaware's "Adopt a Highway" program. See photos

Put teams together when possible! Build bonds between members and give yourselves a silly name at a relay race or race where your top several runners will score. Have your own pasta dinner the evening before: See photos

I'm always happy to receive comments about my book or for inclusion in a future edition. If you wish to be removed from my list, just reply.

Best of luck in your activities.
Run safely!
Ray Christensen (known on the Rebel site as 'Tuckin')


Running in large races
Running in large races

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Running in large races
Running in small races

Running in large races
Club singlet - show your colors

Find training partners for jogging, running or walking

Jogging, Running, or Racing


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Click here to contribute comments or get more info.     - - - Ray Christensen

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