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Run With Me: How To Start, Improve, or Join a Running Club
is an eBook which shows individual athletes, novice runners and club organizers how to find each other for companionship, support, and successful running activities.

Step by step instructions and examples of how building a group boosts everyone's enjoyment, safety, motivation *and* performance!  Gather training partners.

View Table of Contents to see how this book can help you find workout buddies.

  Run With Me book cover

"Run With Me" book cover

Find training partners for jogging, running or walking

Jogging, Running, or Racing

Newly Revised for 2012!

Order Now!   Start getting your group together today.

Useful for joggers, hikers, and walkers too!
Order this book to put any kind of athletic group together. Just look at the 'table of contents' to see how it can apply to your activity. Input is welcome from anyone who can add suggestions, examples or anecdotes for future editions. Help fellow runners and novices find activity partners for running, jogging or walking.     Read Testimonials

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